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Complete package with extras and capacity for 300 people (6 hours).

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Every couple is concerned with the look for sensational photos and the well-being of their guests, Casa Shalom Eventos has an environment to welcome guests and a cozy and equipped suite for the bride to produce, a sensational staircase for the best photos, a landscaping integrated to the spaces to welcome the guests and an essential lighting, space for the ceremony, one with sunset at the top, the other on our deck and one with lounge and a relaxed swing for all types of guests, our rustic and modern furniture capable to transform any environment. With the tropical climate that we have in Rio de Janeiro, we bet on an air-conditioned lounge and dance floor without losing sight of nature and a bar and bistros area where it attracts any guest to cool off.

Additional Information:

Reception of guests:

- 01 upholstered lounge set;

- 01 Support table for buffet;

- 01 Upholstered swing;

- Gardens on the sides;


Main hall:

- Capacity for up to 200 people;

- Air-conditioned;

- Three different accesses;

- View to all space;

- Chandeliers


Dance floor:

- Capacity for 120 people;

- Air-conditioned;

- Access for reception of guests;

- Access to the main hall;

- Access to toilets;

- Pots with plants;

- Ceiling lighting;

We are a family owned and operated business.

Veridiana Deck:

- Covered space;

-Environment overlooking local nature;

- Lighting;

- Setting for intimate ceremony or dance floor;


Balcony Area:

- Rustic environment;

- Lounge space;

- View to the entire space;

- Views of local nature;

- Suspended lighting

- Access to the main hall;



- Capacity for 02 companions (except professionals);

- Air-conditioned;

- Whirlpool;

- Toilet;

- Sofa and armchairs;

- Mat;

- Support desk;

- Mirror with lighting;

- Support bench;

- Professional chair for make and hairstyle;

- Access to all space;

Support space:

- Kids Area;

- Pools;

- Sanitary

- Parking;

- Changing room for suppliers;

- Support suite;

- Meeting room;



- 08 rustic round tables with 12 seats;

- 05 rectangular tables for 10 seats;

- 03 square tables for 08 seats;

- 01 oval table for cake and candy;

- 02 lounge set (02 sofa with 03 seats and 04 armchairs with 01 seat);

- 164 chairs rustic station chair;

- 21 rustic Anna Hickeman chair;

- 02 rustic buffet sideboards;

- 01 rustic ceremony sideboard;



- 01 electrician on duty;

- 01 generator to use the space;

- For band it is necessary to hire another generator;

We are a family owned and operated business.



- Support bench;

- Bistros

- Access to balconies and main hall space;

- Suspended lighting; 
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